Heroic Humans are not identified by titles


Over the last few years, I have seen this quote “Here is to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”  The first time I saw it, I remember feeling a resounding “YESSSS!!!!!” in my core. Of course, having two adult daughters and being what I consider to be a fairly strong woman myself, I definitely tried and believe that I did nurture their natural strength. The world needs every woman to find her voice, trust her voice and mostly – to use her voice.

From the day they were born, my goal was for my girls, once grown as they are now, to live heroically. Not in the way super heroes are portrayed like Wonder Woman, or a modern day female Captain Marvel; but to live heroically like my amazing friend Brian defines heroic living. Anyone, man or woman, who devotes 100% of who they are to what they do and how they do it. To live life “all out”, passionately in the pursuit of aspirations, energetically and with a zest that inspires others. In the same way that each of my daughters, every single time they played, left “it all” on the volleyball court, or on the soccer field. Living heroically means leaving it all on the court of life.

Heroic Humans never have an ounce of regret for lack of trying. They always make mistakes, they can get really hurt, they fall hard. Because they try, they push themselves, and put themselves “out there” emotionally as well as physically. Intentionally giving our best to ourselves and others every day –  THAT is heroic. And it is definitely not something that applies only to women. Historically, men have been encouraged and sometimes even expected to be the “heroes”. I won’t dive into past “traditional” roles and expectations fueled by familiar Knight in shining armor, Prince Charming and “Save the Day” stereotypes that were pervasive in fairy tales in my youth. (I will save that for a different blog). Having said that, my hope is for all human beings to experience the aliveness that comes from living on purpose, seeking to serve others and making a difference.

For me living heroically is to follow this quote and to “live life so fully, that when death comes like a thief in the night, there is nothing left for him to steal.” Why is that heroic living? Because it takes courage. Because our greatest gift to the world is our example. Because magic happens, evolution happens, innovation happens and miracles happen when we are everyday heroes through our being first, and then by doing. And there are heroes everywhere. Everywhere.

The image shown with this blog is of a young doctor who loves his family so much, that he refrains from hugging his wife and children. Standing outside his own home, smiling through the door, unable to walk inside and lay his weary head on his own bed. He may be staying in a local hotel designated as the safe place where doctors sleep as to not potentially put their families at risk. He may be sleeping in his car as doctors and nurses are doing. Yes, in case you haven’t heard this, it is true. Some of our health care workers are sleeping in their cars to avoid putting loved ones at risk. This picture is a symbol that counters our “normal” expression of love. Not hugging has become an act of love and respect.  And this young doctor who is today (thank goodness) being recognized as a hero on the front lines of fighting this invisible virus represents thousands of heroes.

But herein lies my main point. He was heroic by choosing to go to medical school, he was heroic while studying and pursuing his dream. Heroic Humans are not identified by titles. Be your own superhero by living life all out, being an example to others, devoting your time, energy and effort to your passions. Those passions, they usually represent a void in the universe that only you can fill. So in addition to the obvious heroic efforts of our health care workers, grocery store employees, volunteers, etc… I thank YOU for being a Heroic Human for being and doing, for making a difference simply by who you are. And because the world needs us to more than ever, I thank you in advance for turning it up a notch. For shining brighter and illuminating those around you as well as yourself.

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