In addition to her signature Discovering Destiny and Breakthrough living programs, Lynda is available to speak on a wide array of topics, including but not limited to Leadership Development, Effective and lasting team building, Building cooperation, Embracing change and increasing productivity, Be “better” at life and have more fun, Breakthrough limiting beliefs, Discover your natural gifts, and Be Extraordinary and Unstoppable.

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Breakthrough Living

Ultimately, every person can benefit from a personal breakthrough.

Every day you seek to break through – with customers, family and/or friends – in order to foster loyalty and enrich relationships. The award-winning “Breakthrough Living” Event Series provides an outstanding, unique experiential opportunity for each participant. This fun, engaging, and interactive workshop marries personal breakthroughs with one of the most empowering team experiences you will ever encounter. The one-of-a-kind presentation ignites the energy and true leadership potential of every participant.

Breakthrough Living Leadership events are essentially
full-spectrum leadership and success mentoring programs that teach each person how to shape their future, energize the team (business, sports, family, etc.), build effective relationships, drive results, and model personal excellence, integrity, and accountability. In every Breakthrough event, you’ll gain a new appreciation for your impact on others and how you can make a genuine difference for individuals, teams, and organizations.


Discovering Destiny

Discovering Destiny ultimately leads you to the profound moment when you realize your innate gifts and your sense of purpose intersect with your life and livelihood. Strategic and proven success principles of designing the life you love, and feeling fulfilled in every aspect of your life are taught and employed in Lynda’s signature life-changing workshop.

Of all her accomplishments, Lynda is most proud of achieving the elusive balance that so many women – and men – seek in life.
Discovering Destiny provides each participant with the blueprint needed to achieve success, balance, and joy in life. Yes, you can be healthy, you can be happy, you can be prosperous, and you can be all of it at the same time. Lynda and Discovering Destiny will show you exactly how to créate the life you love.