I am a Southern California girl born and raised on the coast. Virtually born with rose colored glasses, big dreams, and a zest for life that must have been passed on to me from my beautiful Nicaraguan mother. Obsessed with: Avocados, corn tortillas, and the beach. I love to write, read, learn and laugh.


I didn’t always have the flexibility “to live out my passion”, but have always poured my passion and purpose into every job I had. Even when I worked for someone else, I knew I was the CEO of my own life.

At the age of 22, I graduated from USC in English Literature, and the harsh reality set in that the world did not need experts in Shakespeare. I had rent to pay, cardboard boxes for “tables” in my apartment and fell into my first sales job. Discovering that I could dictate my income by earning commission was magical.

By the time I turned 26 years old, I had my first speaking engagement. Standing in front of 400 brand new sales reps, I was supposed to share my “secret to success” in breaking some company record of acquiring the most new accounts in a single year.

There was no secret, I just love people.

That forty-five minutes led me to then become a very sought after speaker, earning six figures as a young female in the 90’s and early 2000’s in what was considered a man’s world.

Fast forward as we start the 2020’s, and you find me still wearing rose colored glasses, laughing with my now adult daughters, madly in love with my husband, still speaking, training and writing, and the CEO of a multi-million-dollar international wellness company.

Do you want to know what just fuels my passion? Walking side by side with people, and team and helping them discover, pursue and celebrate their extraordinary. It’s in there. Inside everyone. My greatest privilege is being that person who sees it, never doubts it and kindly nudges people to step into it. If I get to be that person for you, then I get live out my passion while helping you do the same. That is everything!

Until we get a chance to chat or meet, consider me celebrating you in advance with a double strong, hot French Press coffee in the morning and a spicy, skinny margarita in the evening. May as well make it a double as well!  🙂

PS. If you watch PBS, you may catch sight of me in a documentary, I was selected as one of 10 Phenomenal Women who are changing the paradigm in business! I know, it’s crazy, right?

Lynda Cormier is—without a doubt—the most authentic, dynamic and inspirational speaker we have ever seen. Her message is eye-opening, her heart is boundless, and her presence magnetic!


Durante mi infancia nunca pensé en mi “familia latina” como algo único o diferente. Incluso si mi padre era norteamericano e hijo único, yo no me sentía especial por hablar otro idioma o por ser bilingüe ni tampoco me sentía especial por tener 27 primos hermanos además de mi única hermana. Una vez que fui a la universidad, dejé mi hogar y no tuve más fines de semana llenos de esa unidad y calidez que caracteriza a toda familia latina y ahí empecé a darme cuenta de que mi familia nicaragüense era muy especial y que yo era muy privilegiada por venir de esas raíces. Mi mamá y mi familia materna alimentaron mi amor innato por la vida: bailábamos, reíamos, comíamos y siempre estábamos juntos. Mi mamá ha sido muy fuerte y a los 96 años de edad aún es hermosa, elegante, fuerte e independiente. Así que ahora, mi vida no está dedicada solamente a empoderar a la gente a vivir su mejor día cada día, pues también tengo un propósito muy especial y devoto para trabajar e inspirar, específicamente, a mujeres latinas, porque el mundo nos necesita, necesita nuestros dones, nuestros corazones, nuestro amor, apoyo y nuestra fuerza, nuestro amor y apoyo para estar más unidas. Todas nosotras formamos una gran familia, ya seamos originarias de América Central, América del Sur, México, España, Portugal y Puerto Rico, nosotras las latinas nos unimos instantáneamente al reconocernos en cualquier parte del mundo. Ahora estamos conectadas y estoy agradecida por ello. Gracias por ser parte de mi comunidad, para que así pueda continuar descubriendo lo extraordinario y servir al mundo a través de su belleza y grandeza.